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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, you can find here the answers to frequently asked questions from users.

1) I signed up for a My-CV-Resume account but I got an error when I logged in

When you sign up for a My-CV-Resume account, we will send you a confirmation message to your email address. Please refer to your email inbox, find our message and follow the simple instructions to activate your account.

2) How can I edit my CV-Resume?

To edit your CV-Resume information, login to your account and click on the link top right Manage, you will see that on the list of options that appear there is one that is Edit CV. Click on that link and in the window that opens with the details of your CV, you can change what you want.

3) I have edited my CV-Resume but changes were not saved

Once followed the steps above, and you have edited your CV-Resume, click on the orange button Edit CV which you will find at the top or at the bottom of the page in order to save your changes.

4) I have just created my CV-Resume but I do not know where it is

Go to home page. Click on Log in and enter your account credentials. If you do not remember the password you can retrieve it by clicking on Forgot your password? link. Once you have logged in you will see your CV-Resume.

5) How can I disable my CV-Resume from appearing in Google?

Login to your private area (in the previous section we explains how to do it) and click on the link at the top right Manage. You will see that on the list of options that appear there is one that is Disable CV. Click on that link and we will make your CV-Resume private, so Google will not show it. If you prefer, you can completely remove your CV-Resume by clicking on Delete CV.

6) How can I unsubscribe and delete my account completely?

If you want to unsubscribe and delete your account completely, login to in order to access to your profile and click on Manage link. Right after click on Delete Account.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions through our contact form. We will reply to you as soon as possible.