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Improve your CV Resume with a video presentation. A perfect CV Resume might not be enough nowadays to get the job you are looking for. 4 out of every 5 resumes that are sent in reply to a job offer go directly to the trash.

If you want your CV Resume to stand out and improve the possibilities you have of being called for the job interview… Make the best of today technology and add a video presentation to your Resume. Sign up and be able to:

  • Create a perfect CV Resume in 5 minutes.
  • Add a short presentation in video.
  • Publish your CV Resume on the internet and have it always available.
  • Edit and print it from whenever you like.
  • Share it in your social networks and let people recommend you.

Do not worry about the video. It is easier than it seems. We will give you the script, so you just have to read it in front of the camera.

It is easy and, as a reward, at the end you will have your CV Resume in a single page along with the video presentation. It is like sending a CV Resume and the cover letter, like it used to be, but with the difference that the person who has to make the selection will see you and heard you.

If a CV Resume with a photo are far more effective than those that do not have one, imagine a CV Resume with a video presentation. Who do you think will be called for a job interview? The person that sends a normal CV Resume or the one who has included a video presentation?

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